• Prefererred as first choice of oral Iron salts to treat iron deficiency anemia
  • Properties of Ferrous Ascorbate are considered as the Gold standard in Iron therapy
  • High effectiveness and better gastrointestinal tolerability than Ferrous sulphate
  • Ferrous form is absorbed thrice as much as ferric form of Iron
  • Results significant improvement in hemoglobin levels
  • Reduces the risk of premature delivery
  • Essential for the production of Red blood cells and normal metabolism
  • An Important vitamin for the development of the Brain & Spinal cord .
  • Folic Acid is essential for normal growth of Fetus and syntheseis of DNA & RNA
  • Reduces the risk of Neural tube disorders (NTDs) in 1st trimester & ensure healthy babies
  • Prevents miscarriage

Iron deficiency Anemia

Pregnancy & Lactation

Acute & Chronic Blood Loss